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Our Firm offers a certified “Vessel’s Emergency Response Service (VERS)” meeting all applicable requirements based on quality tools and specialized personnel.

The purpose of the (VERS) is to minimize as much as possible the negative consequences during an incident. Such an unexpected incident, i.e. grounding, explosion or collision, may result in complex technical challenges, all requiring a fast and effective reliable response.

Key features and characteristics of this service:

  • Provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using friendly Damage Stability software “C.A.M.E.L.“ development in house;
  • Help the Owners make the right decisions using dedicated and fully trained personnel with long service experience;
  • A service agreement and contracts are signed between “Effepi Mon Ltd” and “Shipping Company” for one year duration. The duration of the service agreement may be extended upon “Shipping Company” requested;
  • Annual drill will cover by annual fee without any additional cost and ensure compliance with MARPOL Annex I Ch.5, Reg.37.4 and will be considered as a supplement and proven implementation to the Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) and the International Safety Management Code (ISM), respectively;
  • VERS meets all the requirements of OCIMF 2013 guidelines;
  • At present the VERS offered by “Effepi Mon Ltd” covers a adequate  numerous Shipping Companies and vessels;

Ships to which the service can be provided

  • Bulk carrier
  • Container ship
  • Oil Tanker
  • Chemical tanker
  • RORO ship
  • General cargo ship, etc.

Technical services rendered

  • Calculation of residual stability and buoyancy in damaged condition;
  • Calculation of longitudinal strength in damage condition;
  • Calculation of oil outflow;

Emergency Response Measures

  • Control excessive trim and heeling;
  • Stability and strength are checked at each stage and measures include:
  • Ballasting or de-ballasting
  • Weight(Oil) transfer
  • Considering tidal change
  • Calculation reaction forces in case of grounding


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