Our Marine Management branch has been providing support to many leading ship management companies in the development and implementation of Management Systems and assurance schemes in accordance with the following:

  • ISM/ISPS facilitation and day to day full support;
  • Preparation and execution of Office & Vessels scheduled internal audits for safety matters (ISM/ISPS);
  • Preparation and execution of vessels unscheduled internal audits following PSC detention; 
  • Continuous Review and upgrade/amend your Company’s SMS/SSP in order to insert clauses/references, new procedures and/or relevant forms to ensure compliance with new International regulations and/or specific Flag. Administration requirements coming into force;
  • Training Courses onboard and ashore. Ensuring that S.M.S.M. /S.S.P. are understood by sea personnel and office staff;
  • Reporting of Deficiencies and Non Conformities to the required level of management; 
  • Identification of those persons responsible to undertake the corrective actions against non compliance and non conformities; 
  • Investigating and analyzing reported deficiencies and non conformities in co-operation with vessel’s Masters and Superintendents; 
  • Investigating the root cause analysis of Non conformities, Maintenance Defects, Near misses and the close out/rectification of them; 
  • Programming Safety Management System review meetings and keeping relevant records. Also preparation / upgrading of Management review;
  • Organizing and executing Ship/Shore drills. Identifying training requirements of personnel involved in safety and pollution prevention and for training of the involved personnel , providing guidelines and directions to the ships officers for the implementation of the SMS./SSP ,Risk Management and Risk Assessments; 
  • Monitoring safety and pollution prevention matters;

This list is not exhaustive. Please send your enquiry for any other service to our office staff or give us a call.