Mooring requirements of Panama Canal new Locks

Further to the Panama Canal Authority(ACP) announces, the conceptual agreement provides that the construction of the Third Set of Lock is completed by December 2015.

All vessels arriving at Canal waters, whether for docking or transiting the Panama Canal, must comply with vessel requirements, as stated in the Maritime Regulation for the Operation of the Panama Canal.

The purpose of this advisory is to inform you the requirements applicable of New Locks regarding Construction, Number, and Location of Chocks and Bitts:

  • The mooring requirements, as stated in the OP's Notice, remain unchanged for Panamax vessels;
  • For the Panamax Plus(TFW draft greater than 12.04m) and New Panamax(All vessels with dimensions greater than Panamax or Panamax Plus that comply with size and draft limitations of the new locks:namely,366m in length by 49m in beam by 15.2m TFW draft) the existing mooring should be comply with relevant OP's Notice            
Failure to comply with this requirement may result in delay or denial of transit because of unsuitable or unsafe arrangements.

In case that you are interesting to investigate if the existing mooring arrangement of your vessel(s) comply with this requirement, please get in touch with our office(See relevant brochure)