Recently the Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator issued Marine Notice No.2-013-10 for STS Operations Plan provided on Marshall Islands flag ships, summarized as below:

  • The STS operations Plan shall be developed taking into account the information contained in the best practice guidelines, as updated from time-to-time, for STS operations identified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) “Manual on Oil Pollution, Section 1, Prevention” as amended, and the latest version of the “Ship-to-ship Transfer Guide, Petroleum” which is the CDI/ICS/OCIMF/SIGTTO publication “Ship-to-Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals, and Liquefied Gases,” first edition 2013., as may be amended..
  • Where the STS operations Plan is a standalone document, the Recognized Organization (RO) which issues the vessel’s International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) certificate shall be responsible for verifying and/or approving the Plan including any relevant changes.  Where the STS operations Plan is incorporated into the ship’s SMS, it may be similarly verified and/or approved by the RO responsible for issuing the ship’s Safety Management Certificate (SMC).
  • Beginning 1 July 2015, the STS operations Plan shall be updated, taking into account information contained in subsequent versions of the guidelines referenced in above paragraph. Updates shall be carried out by the date of the first annual, intermediate or renewal IOPP survey, following the latest revised version, as applicable.

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