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“ISMCrewing” is a complete product to effectively manage crew, crew scheduling and all personnel related issues through your fleet.

“ISMCrewing” consist of:

  • Seaman Personal Card
  • Medical records
  • Ship staff training status – STCW/ISM requirements
  • History of vessels served
  • Certificates held and Automated prompting of expiration dates
  • Automatic fill all relative ISMforms such as:
    -Joining Check List;
    -Application Form;
    -Liab. Policy Acc. Clause;
    -Induction Program;
    -Crew Familiarisation Record;
    -Master – A Eng. Evaluation;
    -On board trainning Log;
    -Drag and Alcohol Policy;
    -Work-Rest Hours
    -Contract of Employment…
  • Records of Accidents/Illnesses……


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