Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

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Classification services are offered by our company via “ClassIBS” who are designed in a way to ensure that vessels are maintained in accordance with applicable National and International Standards, as well as with ClassIBS Rules, enabling Shipping Companies to manage their ships to its full potential, while minimizing risks to life, property and the environment.

Ships designed and constructed to comply with other Classification Societies Rules can be transferred, upon inspection, to our class at any point during its lifetime. Also for those ships Certified under Recognized Classification Societies, may continue the same cycle of Classification.

VESSELS CLASSED BY “ClassIBS” ARE INSURED BY SOME OF THE WORLD’S MOST PRESTIGIOUS MARINE INSURERS. Our company, in the complex maritime environment, has achieved substantial growth in the acceptability of its classed vessels by well-known insurance firms.

In line with our declared Mission is putting its best endeavors to provide to ship owners a wide range of Insurance Options, which will assist them to successfully manage risk solutions that may arise from a rapidly challenging market place in compliance with the international safety standards.


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