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Services Provided


Our firm offers the creation/renewal a below list of Ship specific documentation.
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP);
  • Fire Control and Safety Plan;
  • Fire Fighting Manual;
  • SOLAS Training Manual;
  • Garbage Manual;
  • Emergency Towing Booklet;
  • Ballast Water Management Plan;
  • Grain Loading Booklet;
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan;
  • Biofouling Management Plan;
  • Cargo Securing Manual;
  • Trim & Stability Booklet;
  • Loading Manual;
  • Damage Stability Calculations; -In accordance with SOLAS 74 including Stockholm’s Agreement -Water on Deck -In accordance with MARPOL 73/78, IBC code, BC code etc. -Calculations for Cargo and Passengers vessels
  • Loading Unloading Sequence Booklet;
  • Ship Security Plan;
  • Damage Control Plan ;
  • Damage Control Booklet;
  • Plans and Procedures For Recoveryof Persons From The Water; Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PC SOPEP);
  • Ship-to-Ship Operation Plans (STS);
  • VOC Management Plans (VOC);
  • Vector Management Plan;
This list is not exhaustive. Please send your enquiry for any other documentation or drawing to be created/renewed to our office staff or give us a call.


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